people from my hometown commenting on my appearance / weight

reading my mom’s texts, how formal she is in them

certain anxieties about writing manifesting

do my parents think proudly about how they have ‘made’ me

do you think there is something larger than you out there

not good at thinking of a specific for a category, but if you give me a specific i will tell you what it means

majority of people don’t want to critically assess and deconstruct the stuff of their lives

cousin’s baby ‘making eyes’ and riding a rocking horse, we say ‘see ya later’ to him and wave

old friend who works at a nuclear power plant in painesville, ohio now

very normal people who feel trapped but don’t want to admit it are the majority of people in america

guy with chief wahoo tatooed on the back of his head at the bar

college girls returning to my hometown to dance with the old guys at our town’s bar

girl next to me on plane comments on the ‘ugly browness’ of a river we fly over, i say ‘humans’ in response

missing someone like you can’t help it, always

there are planes in the sky at all times

get warm fuzz feeling from stewardess pouring my coffee, placing a napkin on my thigh

my mum saying all her kids are a crapshoot w/r/t getting married

lots of people on this plane who used to be little kids sleeping like them again

guy next to me talks about stocks and bloomington business and multi-million dollar companies

the reproduction of the relations of production…

dead chicken pieces between heated up wheat thirty thousand feet in the sky

some guy spouting rhetoric about deserving

everyone was once a tiny animal who learned to read signs

‘truth’ is out there and people want it now, now, right now, got to, now, okay

do you think that we should try so hard

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