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Here we are, each of us alive and on earth, all alive and on earth, each of us the envy of every dead man, woman, and child, and—why not?—the envy of each impatient unborn unsexed entity waiting in the great nebula to take its turn on earth. How lucky are we! Yet none of us actually feeling lucky, none of us actually feeling the undeniable fact of the Now. No, each one feeling like a wretched piece of trash not even worth the tossing out, each one feeling envy, greed, boredom, anger, annoyance, conflict, and insecurity.

Mary Ruefle, “Lectures I Will Never Give”, Madness, Rack, and Honey

Jeff Mangum performing at OCCUPY WALL STREET.

He covers “Themselves" by the Minutemen and addresses the general assembly of people via "the people’s microphone" (a call and repeat style chant) post-set, saying, "You guys have done a beautiful fucking thing."

Madeline — Hurry Up Pronto

Been rocking to this jam (and whole album) to a voracious extent.  GET IT.