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After a few years, I’m pleased to finally announce that the new American War album, “Symptoms”, is released and available for free download/donation here: I hope you enjoy it. Any and all donations will be put towards pressing it on vinyl.


My good friend Matt released his new album, Symptoms, for free online today.  Album art by yours truly.  <333

Die Kinder, a musical project I am a part of w/ Kari Jørgensen & Ryan Eilbeck, released a six-song tape at Skylab Gallery on May 5th in Columbus, Ohio.

Download the songs for free HERE (or direct zip file here)

OR if you would like a physical copy of the tape via mail, paypal $4 (ppd) to richardwehrenbergjr at gmail dot com

OR get in touch at the same email address for other ways to get the tape.

Reach for the strange fruit.